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Looking for a BBS Client? We've got what you're looking for! If it connects to DOC, YAWC, ABC or Gestalt-based BBSes, then you can probably find a client for it here! the BBS Client Archives serves as a mirror to all BBS clients ever created (so far as we know), including source files, binaries, mirror HTML pages and documentation! We will also review new clients as they are released, letting you know about their key features.

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9/6 from TOM - If you're a client developer, and you want access to the Developers' Resources page, email me.

3/10 from TOM - If you're a client developer, and there's not a mirror of your client here, please contact TOM to get a mirror. If you're interested in lending this place a helping hand let TOM know that, too.

Latest Client Developer News


6/1/2020 - TOM and Ayourk have released version 2.16 of their client. It supports SSL connections, launching web pages, an auto-away feature, and many minor improvements. Go here to learn more.

6/26/2001 - TOM and Ayourk have made a preview version of their client available. It supports SSL connections as well as an auto-away feature. Go here to learn more.

11/28 - Ivor has released a version of IO ERROR's 2.0 client which support SSL connections. These modifications were done for ABC boards, specifically Atrium BBS, and at this time it is the only board to support SSL connections. Other clients are expected to include support for SSL connections soon.

3/29 - IO ERROR will be releasing a patch to IO ERROR 2.2.0 which corrects the Extended Time Format for BBSes which support the feature.
3/29 - Roady has released Roady & Dox version 1.4, located at http://www.bbsclient.net/roady/.
3/27 - IO ERROR has acknowledged that there is a bug in IO ERROR 2.2.0 which causes the unix editor to hang. He has tracked this problem down to a bug in glibc in most unix distributions, and may be producing a work-around.
3/26 - IO ERROR on ISCABBS says, "Soon I'll have a client available for Mac OS X (DP3 or Server required)."
3/24 - Cafuego on Monolith BBS mentioned that he is working on porting the YAWC CLientPro to LinuxPPC for Mac.
3/17 - IO ERROR on ISCABBS says, "Also, I will have a maintenance release of the client out shortly to address some of the problems people have had with the 2.2.0 release. Stay tuned."

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