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Full List of BBS Clients

Here are a list of all BBS Clients ever created and released (sofar as we know). Most of these clients are listed here for archival purposes only. If you wish to have a stable client and are not willing to do much messing around with older and buggier versions, we suggest that you download one of the most recent clients. Those clients which are marked as "X" are no longer maintained by their authors, and you are on your own as far as technical support.

Key: i = ISCABBS d = DOC BBSes y = YAWC BBSes
  g = Gestalt a = ABC BBSes X = Unsupported
  Client Latest Version Last Updated
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 coffitin
 i,d,a,g Roady & Dox 1.4 2000
 i,d,a,g IO ERROR 2.3.9 01/28/2003
 i,d,a,g TOM/Ayourk 2.15 1999
 i,d,a,y,g MyLittlePonyTail YAWC WinClient 1.11 12/22/2004
Unix Shell (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc)
 i,d,a,g Ivor's SSL Client 2.0 2000
 i,d,a,g IO ERROR 2.2.2 2001
 i,d,a,g TOM/Ayourk 2.15 1999
 i,d,a,g,X YAWC ClientPro 2.0a 1999
 i,d,a,g,X Client9 0.05 1998
 i,d,a,g,X Isoroku 1.6 1997
 i,d,a,g,X Stock ISCABBS Client 1.5 1994
Unix X Windows
 i,d,a,g TOM's Motif Front-End for the TOM/Ayourk BBS Client 2.15 2000
 y Mad Man Murad's YAWC ClientPro for X-Windows 2.0 2000
Apple MacOS X
 y Cafuego's YAWC ClientPro for MacOS X 5.3 1999
Sun Microsystem's Java
 g Sbum's Gestalt Squirrel Client beta 2000
 i,d,y,X PanaSonic 8.1 1997
 i,X Gorby Amiga Client IO ERROR 2.0.21 1997
Apple MacOS 7.x/8.x PowerPC
 i,X Laughing Kangaroo 1.5 1997
 i,X Sbum beta 1996
Apple MacOS 7.x/8.x 68k
 i,X Laughing Kangaroo 1.5 1997
 i,X Sbum beta 1996
Microsoft Windows 3.xx
 i,d,a,g Roady & Dox 1.3 1998
 i,d,a,y,g MyLittlePonyTail YAWC WinClient 1.0 beta 7 1996 - Last Updated 01/17/2002
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