ISCA BBS client for Amiga

Current version: 2.0.21


At the University of Iowa in Iowa City, the Iowa Student Computer Association sponsors one of the oldest, and most famous Internet BBSes, the ISCA BBS. Originally based on Citidel BBS source code, ISCA programmers have significantly improved the system over the years. One of the improvements was the addition of a client facility, to move some of the computing burden to the user's computer, and off of the BBS, allowing more users to log in at once. (During peak hours, over 1200 users are online at one time, with hundreds more waiting in a queue to get on.)

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In addition to removing some of the load from the BBS machine, the "client" gives you some additional features, such as the "friends list," used to find out quickly if any of the users in that list are currently logged in. Also, because you use the client, you get a better position in the connection queue, as a bonus for using it.

The Binary

Enough talk. Download the client binary for Amiga. Then read the instructions below.


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If you have ixemul.library v43, and ixnet.library already installed, simply copy the program anywhere you like. As it uses ixnet.library, it will work with AmiTCP/IP, I-Net 225, Miami, MLink, and TermiteTCP. You must have the environment variable HOME containing the name of a directory. The client will store your configuration and buffer your posts in a temporary file there. (AmiTCP 4.0 sets this variable to the directory configured in AmiTCP:db/passwd when you login. Miami sets it to the directory configured in the 'users' section of its 'Database' page. I don't know how the others work.)

If you don't have ixemul.library, you can find it on Aminet in the dev/gcc directory.

To use the client, simply start it from a CLI. (Do not 'run' it.) Warning: Do not try to start the external editor when posting messages on the BBS. The client uses the fork() function, which ixemul.library does not implement. It will lock up.


This is a no-changes port of the ISCA BBS client version 2.0.21 by Michael Hampton. It was compiled directly from his source code using GCC 2.7.0 for Amiga.

Last update: Sat Jul 19 00:30:06 1997 Copyright 1997 by Jonathan Gapen. Maintained using hsc for AMIGA.