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PanaSonic's OS/2 Clients for DOC & YAWC

Author:Eric Blade (PanaSonic)
Operating System(s):IBM OS/2
BBS's Supported:ISCABBS/DOC BBSes (
All YAWC BBSes (
Latest Version(s):ISCABBS/DOC: version 8 01/12/2020
YAWC: version 1 12/25/1996

These clients were last updated in 1996. Eric Blade has no plans to further maintain this client at this time, but support is still available.

These two clients are unique because they are the only ones available as native IBM OS/2 applications. PanaSonic sofar is the first and only client author to develop OS/2 clients for both DOC and YAWC BBS platforms.

As noted in the documentation for both clients, you will need to have the latest EMX Runtime DLL's (as of the date of the client release). We have those provided here at

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