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Who Keeps This Place In Order?

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For the curious, here's who keeps this all running ...

TOM (b/k/a Thomas Francis, Jr.) is one of the programmers of the TOM/Ayourk BBS Client. TOM currently works for a world-famous software company in Brown Deer, WI. TOM's job is to manage all of the files on and was kind enough to purchase the domain name to serve as a central resource for BBS Client development and archiving.

KAM (b/k/a Kevin Fields) is the owner of KAM-Net Communications, an inexpensive web site design group. KAM originally started the BBS Client Archives back in 1995 so that users could easily find information about any BBS client available. KAM's job is to keep track of the clients as they develop and evolve, and to maintain the web pages for this site.

Mystic One (b/k/a Chris Hemmerly) is owner of DigiTech, which provides connectivity and web site hosting for many users. - Last Updated 03/30/2000
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