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Check back later for more. I'll be putting up the protocol page by Flint later tonight, and after that, I'll add some new stuff to it, and finally post all the info we've got on the Gestalt protocol. If someone has any other BBS client protocols to publish, let me know, and send the protocol spec to me. It'll get posted.

New stuff

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The CLIENT2.html file referenced below has been updated by me, TOM. It contains some newer information, and some corrections.

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, I'm not able to provide email forwarding anymore. If you had a email address, it no longer works. Actually, it hasn't worked in a while, but the only people with such addresses have already known about it. This is just a note that the item below can no longer be requested. Sorry.

Please let me know if you'd like to receive client-related email at a address. I'll set up aliases to forward mail to another account for any developer.

Okay, here's the link to CLIENT2.html, Flint's specs (as altered by Ayourk) for the DOC, YAWC, and ABC protocols.

Here's a link to the ISCA BBS stock server code as posted by Serendipity: iscabbs.tar.gz.
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