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ISCABBS (telnet:// is, with little doubt, the largest free telnet-able BBS on the planet. Started in the early 1990's by the Iowa Student Computer Association at the University of Iowa, it has grown to over 500,000 accounts total, with roughly 25,000 of them being active users. With such a large membership base, users are going to reach out and meet each other, talk to each other, even build relationships and love lives with each other. So it is no surprise that a "sub-culture" has slowly been built up around the BBS by it's most active users. The following links are to those resources.

Where to start out at ...
dermolios opinion The Official ISCABBS Home Page
The Other Official ISCABBS Home Page
The ISCA Oath
The ISCABBS Purity Test
An Unofficial ISCABBS New User FAQ

IscaNIC Photos - IscaNIC is a bi-annual picnic that is sponsored by various UIowa students who are ISCABBS and ISCA members (but it's not offically supported by the BBS or the University). Here are a few websites dedicated to the event.
Symphonic's Ultimate ISCABBS Picture Page
Mistress M's IscaNIC Photos
MJ Carter's IscaNIC 14 Website

ISCABBS Lore - ISCABBS just wouldn't be ISCABBS without a few landmarks and loons along the way. Here are some sites that help define ISCABBS culture and those who make it ... um ... interesting!
The Mens Room
The Womens Room
The Mens Room Spoof of The Womens Room Website
ISCA BBS or Why Eric Has Turned Into A Patsy Hermit
Allicat's ISCA BBS Archives

Other Various ISCABBS-inspired websites
Alice From Hell's ISCA Page
Wim Rummping's ISCABBS User Index
ISCA Kids - the children of ISCABBS Users
ISCA Code 2.0
God Man Megatron's "ISCA ATE MY BALLS!" Page
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