List of Supported BBSes

The following list of BBSes are officially supported by the TOM/Ayourk BBS Client. This means that TOM and Ayourk will make every effort to be sure that the client works properly (i.e. does not crash, and allows all normal BBS functions) when connected to them. This does not mean that the client will work perfectly. For example, when connected to Gestalt, color scheming will fail on occaision. This is due to a bug in Gestalt's DOC interface, and will probably not be fixed. Since the client won't always use Gestalt's DOC interface, the bug will eventually go away on the client side.

This is sad to have to put here, but TOM and Ayourk do not support any ideas, ideals, people, religions, etc. you find on these BBSes. We provide a client to aid people in connecting to these BBSes, and do so without discrimination. One of us has visited each of these BBSes long enough to at least verify the client works with them. Visit these places at your own risk to your feelings, prejudices, etc! Parents: Several of these BBSes contain information and conversations which may not be suitable for children. As with watching TV, supervise your children. The TOM/Ayourk BBS Client provides NO method of filtering or censoring content. Neither TOM nor Ayourk are responsible for the content of any BBS. Users who are offended and blame TOM or Ayourk will be summarily executed in accordance with the Stupidity Act of 1999.

Submitting A BBS For the List

If you run a DOC or ABC BBS and would like to have it officially supported by the TOM/Ayourk BBS Client, please contact TOM or Ayourk and we will work to make sure the client works properly with your BBS and add it to the list.

Getting The Latest BBS List

Since I expect most users won't customize the BBS List, I'll provide a copy of the main rc file which contains this information. Users can freely download this file and use it instead. This copy will always contain the most up-to-date information for each of the supported BBSes. If you're using a graphical browser, right-click (Macs: hold mouse button down a moment) on this link and choose "Save Link As" or equivalent. Lynx users should place their cursor on the link, and hit <D> to download the file.


The Depths of Hell BBS is not currently supporting client connections. The BBS changed its software, and plans to add support for the client soon.