TOM's tabbsX program

This program exists to provide an X-based front-end to the TOM/Ayourk BBS Client version 2.15. It requires Motif 1.2 or later and X11R5 or later. If you're using a commercial-based UNIX, you probably have these already. If you're using linux, or a free BSD, then you can purchase Motif from several places, or download and use the free Lesstif, which should be compatible with this program; XFree86 needs to be installed, as well.

You may download and use this program. You may not modify this program in any way without sending the modifications back to the author. You may not distribute any modifications without express permission from the author. Please note that I'll give you permission if you ask, and probably place certain restrictions on you, like that you can't call it completely your own work, and you can't try to turn a profit on it.

You may freely redistribute binaries of this program so long as it is accompanied by the copyright in the sources, and a note saying that the binary is provided as a service by person(s) other than the author. The author makes no claim that the binary is correct and works.

Distributers may charge a media fee for distributing the sources or binaries, so long as the author receives (or is offered) a copy of the media for free. You may not make money off of this program! If you place it on a cd, and want to charge $20 for it, you don't have my permission. That's making a profit, and you don't get to make a profit off of this software!

Sorry 'bout posting the copyright & license agreement here, but I don't believe in shrink-wrap licensing. If you cannot agree to the terms above, don't download this program.

To compile tabbsX, unpack the sources, and run

xmkmf -a

tabbsX sources